Picture Perfect Pricing is more than just a flat rate pricing solution for HVAC companies, it is a Field Service Management software solution.

By listening to our customers, Picture Perfect Pricing has evolved through the years to be a complete solution for your HVAC business.

Picture Perfect Pricing now has everything you need to run your HVAC business - Customer Management, Dispatching, Diagnostics, Invoicing, Synchronization to QuickBooks, Reporting and of course Flat Rate Pricing.

Here are just some of the features beyond flat rate pricing.


Dispatch and manage your service calls with ease.

  • Calendar or Map View
  • Map view - no more running a technician all across town wasting gas and precious time
  • Weekly Map view - schedule effectively to maximize the number of calls completed in a day
  • Daily, weekly or monthly views
  • Click-and-drop to reschedule service calls
  • Color coded to easily see status and technician's schedule
  • See technician progress in real-time
  • System automatically sends appointment reminders
  • Manage open service calls
  • Never forget about service agreement tune ups again!


Start your customer conversation with the best diagnostics tool. Technicians can now present a complete diagnostic of the equipment condition with just a few taps on their iPad or tablet.

  • Give the customer more choices, the diagnostic screen presents "Should Do" along with "Must Do" repairs
  • The customer knows: What was checked
  • The customer knows: What's fine
  • The customer knows: What should be repaired
  • The customer knows: What must be repaired
  • The customer can SEE problems when pictures are added
  • With voice-to-text functionality, adding descriptive comments that your customer can actually read and understand has never been easier
  • Record measurements


Customers and technicians build their invoice together with familiar shopping cart and checkout process.

  • Search to quickly add repairs
  • One-click to add service agreement to invoice
  • Clearly show DECLINED repairs
  • Customers are happier: the customer is more informed, the transaction is made simpler and the process is more familiar with this type of pricing approach
  • Technicians are happier: the system practically does the selling, no more calculators or remembering who gets discounted pricing
  • You are. . .well, you are ecstatic: More repairs are sold per call, more sales per year per tech, more Service Agreements sold, AND a happier customer who is comfortable enough with the experience they will call you first the next time.
  • Synchronizes to QuickBooks Desktop

Customer Management

First impressions make a big difference. With Picture Perfect Pricing, the technician walks into the repair well prepared.

  • Know your customer better - See customer history and past recommendations before walking through the front door regardless of which technician serviced the customer before
  • Immediately know if the customer has an active service agreement
  • Enter equipment details quickly and easily
  • View past diagnostic reports - view past measurements and photos from previous technicians
  • Update phone numbers and emails out in the field and sync back to office


  • Quickly sort through your data to the information you need at the office or for the field
  • Make Sense of Your Data and create summary reports to get a bird's-eye view of your service business
  • Share With Your Team at the office or online and choose which is the best way to share information
  • Have access to a "dashboard" of key performance metrics to help make smart business decisions
  • Run marketing reports - How much business did you gain from Angie's List or other forms of advertising?